Post park pram fun

Today at 15 months and 3 days I find myself having my first ‘that’s it we are going home’ moment. Never did I think I would be one of those mums that cant control the situation in hand but it was either we go home or my arm breaks off carrying her, or I leave her to crawl all the way home but I am pretty sure that is illegal letting your baby cross the road crawling.

I decided to take her over the park, looking back I don’t know why we have a slide and swing in the garden, but surprise surprise she prefers the ones at the park! So off I went, strapped into the pram no issues (to be fair I was rather surprised at how well she did let me do this!) and off we went. The park full of disused gum and rather ming and unsurprisingly when we got there the novelty of the swing and slide and seesaw soon wore off.

Then it comes…the tantrum of all tantrums…don’t get me wrong we have had these before now but they have never been public, they have been in the pleasure of my own home where I can deal with the arched back like some sort of Russian gymnast. I went to put her heiness back into the comfort of her padded pram and boom screams like an orangutan monkey, back arch, feet kicking like a swan trying to save its life and no success in the pram. Hmmm ok no problem I will just carry you out the park and wheel you over there where there aren’t loads of people watching. Same scenario happens and this time it was made worse by the fact that after three attempts of trying to get her in whilst she doing her gladiator moves she actually turned around and laughed at me, like physically looked me in the eye, smiled sweetly and burst out laughing like I had been a comedian in a stand up comedy store having a good night. OMG my 15 months and 3 day old daughter just totally had me and I didn’t know and still don’t know what to do about it. I tried not to laugh back at her as by this time the yoga class was coming out the library and obviously these guys never had this issue! Could I ask one of them for help, ‘ excuse me can you help me get my child in the pram’, I said it over in my head, no it sounds weird, very weird, they might report me for being ridiculed by my own child and she might be taken off me and banished to somewhere they make toddlers well behaved and not have tantrums. Oh no that was my wishful thinking.

There was no other option for it, she was not going back in the pram and that was final with the laughter she had just shown me. So what did I do, I scoped up what seemed like the weight of what I can only imagine a baby elephant would feel like and carried her home, several stops later and don’t get me wrong more attempts to get her in the pram I made it home. My arms have never had such a good workout, better than any dumbbell work out to date!

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