Back to the gym tomorrow!

gmy time


So the little bear cub is booked in for crèche tomorrow morning and I am back in the gym. I haven’t trained properly now for around 6 weeks, I have been back and forth to the gym but not got into any sort of routine or programme and my diet has been awful!

The main reason being that I had meningitis and then tonsillitis this week but now I am feeling nearly human again tomorrow is a good a day as any to start back. Do I want to train again, right now I am so bloody tired I couldn’t think of anything less I would rather do! But once you start training and a week in you feel so good and that you can conquer anything.

I will keep you posted with update photos of my journey, I am hoping to transform my body in 12 weeks and be ready to stuff my face for Christmas!! I will upload training programmes for you to do some based at home and some at the gym, anything is possible, remember we did make a human being!!

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