I don’t want to play anymore – bored mum!

Does anyone else get board playing with the same fucking toys everyday. I know I sound awful and I feel terrible saying this let alone writing it out to the whole world, but I am gonna be totally honest, I am done playing  EVERYDAY with them. God knows how she feels. Surely she is bored of putting the shapes in the wrong hole not just daily but hourly! It isn’t like we don’t have many toy, we have stacks and stacks of them but somehow by 2pm we have played with every single one over and over again! Am I not imaginative enough, not thinking of enough things that can be done with a 6 piece jigsaw puzzle?!  playpen

Don’t get me wrong the first 300 times of Fisher Price Bright Beats was OK, but now I am starting to lose the plot! Why do we feel this mum guilt that we should entertain our child around the clock, 24/7, not to sound selfish but what about my sanity? I can understand why parents go back to work because they need to give their brain something else other than making up new movements for the wheels on the bus daily, which totally confuses the poor child, as yesterday wheels going round and round was mummies arms rolling and today its mummy has gone mental and rolling back and forth on the floor! That’s why I have started this blog, even if it is just to give me some sanity to take my mind of that bloody pink dog that walks and barks around the living room until it ‘accidentally’ falls over!

The days when she doesn’t go to nursery I drag out how long we can stay in bed, take the dogs for a walk, anything that means we don’t have to race back to the room of toys! There are only so many times I can stack the blocks, she knocks them down before my brain is buckled and I am looking at my watch thinking how is it only 11am!

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