8 hours to myself coming up!!

So I have the day, well most of the day to myself tomorrow! I have been a naughty mother and booked the bearcub in for the whole day at nursery! I cant even begin to describe the excitement racing through my body right now! I am actually more excited than if it was Christmas day, probably because Christmas day as an adult sucks (minus the joy in your child’s face blah blah blah that you have to say), but back to tomorrow, what shall I do! So many thoughts…have a loooonnnggg bath! I can count on my hand how many baths I have had since bear cub arrived, might even crack open some wine, watch the rest of the affair (I am gripped to that!!), work on my blog…omg reading those things back how bloody boring, what has my life become but right now with less than 12 hours to go until this magical day I cant bloody wait! Imagine the silence, I am not even going to turn the radio on, just enjoy the pure bliss of the noise of silence (if there is such a thing!)


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