No Me Time But Grateful


So I didn’t get that day to myself in the end, nursery called and said Bear was poorly so I needed to go and get her, she is fine now, I think she just worked herself up and then they tried hand painting which pushed her over the edge! God forbid anybody puts anything on her hands! We are now home and she brushing my hair, good luck i haven’t brushed it for a good few months! But do you know what if anything it brought it home to me how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family and healthy child and even though I need a break, maybe just suck it up for now and i can have that day to myself in a few years when she goes to school.

I had to get a taxi to get her as the car was being fixed, and do you know what I had taken the car seat out for this to happen, as I just knew something was going to happen. You know that mum instinct when you just know something is going to happen. So anyway I had this nice taxi man who was talking and then told me that his wife had passed away at 35 years old, just came home one day at 3.30 with a headache and that was it, she went into a coma and boom his life was changed forever.

So rather than being pissed off that I didn’t get the day to myself, in actually fact I was grateful that I was going to get my little cubster and could cuddle upto her on the sofa and give her all the love she needed, it reminded me that we are not in control of what happens, anything can happen daily to change our life and to appreciate everything and tell those you love that you do. I know in times everyone forgets this and is shattered and knackered and pissed off, that was me today, but this is just a little reminder even when the kids or your other are doing your in head, others would give anything for that annoyance just for another day.

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