I’m back

So hello and welcome back to my world! I haven’t blogged for months, in actually fact I have done nothing for months! I turned into a little rat (fact- iv been nippling on Islas leftovers!) Fitness mummy slide of the rails! I just lost motivation for everything, gym included, I think it something every mum goes through, even every person… so what did I do… I embraced it knowing it wouldn’t last forever! However it was lasting forever and then a got this message (see image) which was a massive kick up the arse from my mummy friend and as I was laughing out loud reading it I realised where had the old me gone, the one that “bounced” back to life in the first year of having a baby! Well I’m back! I will be filling your bedtime reading with how to get fit and still have fun over xmas, how to not turn into a pudding over Christmas, the must have Christmas presents, the rip of presents and the daily life of just a normal mum! Lots of love fitness mummy surrounded by dumbells and diaper

P.S no offence to anyone who works in Poundland or wears Uggs! I still do!

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