Not even 10.30 yet!!

9.42 on a Tuesday morning and iv had to stop writing this once as Isla”s shitty little wilko pram feel on her and she was starring at me like a sheep stuck in a well to help!

Whilst most people have by now done 40 minutes of work, had a leisurely cup of coffee, checked out their nightly activities on Facebook, instragam and all the other bullshit we put ourselfs through.

What have I done, I have cleared up an entire box of bran flakes that Isla thrust across the floor like she was feeding the ducks, it was then a race against time until reggie the dog ate them as fast as possible and me clearing them up, before this there was a shit that could kill old people like an explosion on a surage farm, then I had to fish out the bath toys from the loo as this is now so much fun to put them down there, somewhere in between all this I managed to lock her in the high chair whilst I washed my hair after five days!! You may think I am relaxing now but I am sitting on the loo writing this whilst my naughty little elf takes every tampon out of the box and throws into the bath! So when people say how was your day and I just say yeh fine, I haven’t been having this magical day with my baby more just keeping her alive and clean!

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