family life

Hi, I am Victoria a 30 year old mum to my one little cubster who is now 15 months and can throw a tantrum like you wouldn’t imagine. I have a background in fitness and postpartum training as well as training throughout pregnancy. I live in the UK with my gentle giant partner (Nathan) and at some point we will find time to get married! I have recently (September 2017) just jumped on the mummy / fitness blogging bandwagon to share with you my journey along the other way and to hopefully inspire other mums back to fitness.

If you are reading this you are probably part of the secret club of parenting that no one tells you about because before you become a parent everyone tells you it is the best thing ever, don’t get me wrong it is but at the same time it is the worst thing ever! You will never do anything like you could before without either feeling guilty or with a human being attached to some part of your body, hanging on to you as if their life depends on it! And sorry for those of you that are parents to be, it really is that bad something, but I am afraid you are already part of the club it is just a matter of time for you guys….worth it though!

From the highs of brining a beautiful (although they really aren’t when they are born) human being into the world to the lows of your tits being sucked off you at 3am and they slowly become part of your belly button, this is my life and many parents life, however I will be telling you the reality of it like it is.

Along the way I will bring you my fitness workouts, tip and diet plans to transform your body back to pre mummy body, to get that body that all the haters said you would never get back! You can do it and I will talk you through how to! Your body is not ruined like I hear many mums say, it seriously just takes time!

Love Mummy Bear (MB)